Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have I been living under a rock?

I think I have been living under a rock! I finally started scrapbooking again after a year off, since we moved to a new state. I ordered all my 400 pictures, YES 400!! And I sat down to scrap and I am so overwhelmed!

So tonight I went to the Hobby Lobby to get inspired. I went to the sticker area, I got even more overwhelmed!!

So I walked around and I saw Kits --- Scrapbooking Kits!! OMG what a fantastic idea! I bought them all!! lol I scored a baseball kit at the Hobby Lobby! I wish they had more than one

If anyone know who else sells kits, please share with me, I have two toddlers a boy and a girl so I need all types of Kits. So this is how I plan on doing al my scrapbooking from now on. KITS!

It will make my life much easier. and I can do more cards! :)